Oracle Dental Group provides private dental care and advice. The cost of your care depends on the time spent with the dentist or dental hygienist, with the additional cost of materials and any laboratory work where approriate. We will endeavor to advise how long each appointment will take and how many appointments will be needed to complete the treatment course. However, please be aware that if this is complex treatment over several visits then the time needed may alter. lf this is the case then we will inform you accordingly.

As a guide, the costs of some common private treatments are illustrated. You will be given a full estimate and treatment plan after examination and will be advised of any proposed changes during a course of treatment.

 Initial Oral Health Assessment with x-rays    


 Regular Oral Health Assessment    


 Hygienist Appointment (half hour session)    


 White Filling (composite)  

 from £40.00


 Amalgam Filling  

 from £40.00


 Root Canal Therapy (molar)  

 from £180.00


 Simple Extraction    


 Surgical Extraction  

 from £50.00


 Porcelain Veneer  

 from £275.00


 Tooth-coloured Porcelain and Gold Crown  

 from £275.00


 Set of Complete Dentures  

 from £350.00


 Single Partial Denture  

 from £250.00


 Sports Gum shield        


 Whitening Per Jaw    


Should you require any further information, please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff or your dentist. Please also feel free to ask about the practice's payment policies.